Monday, June 18, 2012

THE BOOK OF ISAIAH // Chapter 11: A Branch from David's Line

Chapter 11

-       Immediately following a string of writing foreshadowing all of the destruction that is to come from the Lord’s anger, chapter 11 serves as quite the contrast of hope for the future King.
-       Verse 1: A new Branch (Capitol B) will grow out of the stump of the line of Jesse, bearing new fruit.
-       Verse 2: The spirit of the Lord will rest on Him, a Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, and fear of the Lord.
-       Verses 3-5: He will be obedient, just, powerful, righteous, and true.
-       Verse 9: There will be no hurt or destruction in God’s creation on that day.
-       Verse 10: Jesus will bring a “banner of salvation.”
o   Ancient armies during warfare carried a banner with them to communicate with and rally troops. It announced their central message, why they were there. Jesus’ banner was that of salvation.
-       Verse 11: We see Isaiah again mention the remnant of His people, as he did in Chapter 10 verse 20-22. Last time he was talking about how only that remnant will return to God, even though everyone else goes the other way, and now he talks about how God will reach out his hand to that remnant that returns.
-       Verse 15: Isaiah makes reference to the Israelites initial exodus from bondage in Egypt to create an analogy to the coming exodus that will be from their sin and wickedness that will be through this new Branch of Jesse. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

THE BOOK OF ISAIAH // CHAPTERS 9-10: Hope in the Messiah

Chapters 9 and 10
-       Verses 2-7: Isaiah opens this chapter speaking of a future time to come where there will be a shift from darkness to light. During this time there will be:
o   Joy verse 3
o   Peace verse 5
o   That time will come when:
§  Verse 6: A Son is given to us, he will be a king and rule and he will come from the line of David.
§  Verse 6: also provides the names of Jesus
·      The name “Mighty God” literally translates as “God is a warrior.”
-       Verses 9:8-10:19: Isaiah begins now to shift back to talking about how God’s judgment will fall on Israel for their turning their backs to God.
o   They were arrogant towards God (verse 9-10)
o   Verse 13: even though God punished them and warned them, Israel still would not repent and change their foolish ways.
o   Four times Isaiah says that God’s anger will not be satisfied and he still has His fist ready to strike. Verse 12, 17, and 21, and in chapter 10 verse 4.
o   Chapter 10 Verse 1-4: In Israel there were Judges and lawmakers that were abusing the people and taking advantage of them.
§  God loves Justice. He desires for us to act justly.
-       Verses 5-19: Isaiah shifts now to talking about the judgment that will fall on Assyria.
o   Verse 5: God says that he will use Assyria to express His anger.
o   Verse 12: God says however that though he used Assyria to express His anger, they were acting unjustly, being proud and arrogant.  God will then punish Assyria for their arrogance just like Israel.
-       Verse 15: I love verse 15. Verse 15 speaks to me. Be humble. Give the glory in your life to the person who is worthy of all glory. You deserve nothing.
-       Verse 20: when the Lord’s anger is done destroying Israel, the only ones who will remain are those who put their trust in God.
-       Verse 22: Out of all of the people of Israel, only a small number will return to God; a remnant.
-       Verses 28-34: Isaiah basically predicts how the Assyrian army will advance upon Israel and destroy them. But then he closes by saying that God will then turn his anger on Assyria.