Monday, March 19, 2012

I Am Second

One of the most encouraging things for me to see come out of today's world that is obsessed with celebrities and the media is when people use their fame and their worldly platform for the glory and empowerment of Jesus Christ. When they take those cameras that are pointing in their faces, and those eyes that are watching them, and the ears that are listening to them, and they point them to God, they tell them about who Jesus is and what He has done for them. I love that.

I can't remember when I first came across the I Am Second movement. I don't know how long ago it was. But I love it. I think it is so beautiful. I started watching the videos that they produce a couple of months ago. I believe very strongly that a person's testimony is one of their most powerful tools of ministry to share the gospel. (A lot of time people say that they don't know how to share their faith. To me thats a cop-out, I don't buy it. Start with your testimony and see where it takes you). And that is just what the I Am Second organization uses as their ministry tool, real people, with real testimonies, who've been through real issues, have seen Jesus either meet them in their issues or deliver them from them, and are now unashamed to share their stories in hopes that it will touch a heart somewhere facing similar issues. I love that.

I made a new years resolution this year. I'm not normally one for doing that but this year I decided to do it. My resolution was to read a book a month for the entire year. I'm not much of a reader, I'd rather go throw frisbee or do something active, but I kind of like this reading thing as long as its a book that I like. Anyways the third book that I chose to read this year was the I Am Second book. I think I read it in two sittings. I literally opened it up out of the package from Amazon, started reading it that day, and then finished reading it the next day. It was so encouraging and uplifting. Seeing other people's stories. Hearing how God pulled them out of their deepest pit. Seeing how God allowed these people to seemingly drift so far away from Him to realize how much they need Him. Hearing people who I never would have thought have issues like the ones that I deal with, basically throw their junk out on the table for anyone and everyone to see. Shameless, because Jesus Christ has washed them clean of any sin they have ever committed. Gah I love it. Each chapter would contain a person's story, and then it would finish by saying go to the I Am Second website and watch this person's video and these similar videos. And thats what I did. I would read a chapter, watch a video, watch another video, watch another video, and then read another chapter and repeat. Gahhh I mean a testimony is just so powerful. To hear a famous musician known for his Christian music in Michael W. Smith talk about his past struggles with drug addictions. To hear the Sruggs family talk about their journey through an affair and how God has revealed Himself to them through it. To hear a pastor named Nate Larkin, a pastor, talk about his addiction to pornography and sex and how he thought it was the end of his ministry, when really it was just the beginning. I honestly can't think of a better picture of the Gospel than those stories.

I think my favorite of all was that of Brian "Head" Welch. Watch his video and check this dude out for yourself because I can't do it justice by telling you about it. You want to talk about Jesus meeting someone at their lowest point? Want to talk about forgiveness? Redemption? Grace? Love?

I love it when people use their platform in this world to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Josh Hamilton. Lecrae. Jason Witten. Matt Barkley, Sam Bradford, and Colt McCoy. The list goes on with the I Am Second movement. I want to be part of that movement too. I want to sit in that chair. I want the courage to tell the world about all of my shortcomings and all of my failures so that somehow out of my struggles, Jesus Christ will somehow get the glory. I want to use my testimony as a weapon for God's Kingdom. Man I pray for that. I pray that God would use me in that way.

My name is Dave Overman, and I am second.

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