Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Steel Rod Back

Squatting 10's. Pulling 10's. Pressing 10's. Then squat some more. And then pull some more. Squat, Press, Pull, Pull, then Squat some more. I am a Machine of 10's right now. I just pump them out. It doesn't matter what is on the bar. Imma pick it up and do 10 of them. Squat, Press, Pull, and then Pull again. Do it again two days later. In 12 weeks I'm gonna have steel rods running down my back. I'm gonna pick up heavy things that I've never picked up before and then put them over my head.

Coach D: "Dave have you ever been to San Fransico?"
Me: "Nah why?"
D: "You ever seen the San Fransisco Golden Gate Bridge?"
Me: "Yeah sure."
D: "You know those steel rods they have that hold that thing up?"
Me: "Yeah."
D: "That's what I'm building on my back."

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