Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm Back // Something BIG is Coming

The last couple of weeks has been hard on a brotha. There was a time there where If I felt like all I did was study and do homework. I did it to myself though. I let the first 3 months of the semester go by without doing a thing. And I got my moneys worth in the last 3 weeks. For the first time in my life I read an entire textbook. It was rough, I think I'd rather not do that again. But anyways that is over, I'm back.

I missed blogging while I was on my journey. It has become a way that I get some things off my chest. Its a way that I process what is going on in my life. Its become a huge way that I work my way through what God is showing me in the Word and in my circumstances. But while I was away I realized that there is another way that I can use this blog, and I'm going to try it.

Something big is coming. In the town where I grew up in Goldsboro NC there was this summer where all of the billboards in town had that written on them. "Something big is coming." I often wondered what big thing exactly was coming to g-boro but I never exactly figured it out. I asked a couple of people and they didn't know, and I never really saw anything of any real size come ha, but it was cool while there was a little hype and mystery.

Something big is coming to this blog. My original desire for this was to be a huge way for me to share my faith with anyone and everyone who was willing to read this. And I think God's laying on my heart a way for me to do it in a little bit different way. One of the projects I'm working on that I hope to complete one day when I'm an old man is my own personal commentary book of the Bible in it's entirety. I'm taking it book by book, and in no necessary order other than what I feel like the next book God is drawing me to. But I was thinking about it the other day, and why not post it. Why keep it for just myself, why not just put it out there and see if someone else doesn't want to do a study with it or whatever. It wasn't my intent to share my stuff because I was really and still am doing it for my own self to have so that I will become a better student of God's Word. But I also believe in the Church and the Body of Christ and the community that we are called to live in and that this walk with Jesus wasn't meant to be done alone, and I appreciate a good ministry source. So who knows, I don't. Maybe this will help someone, maybe not. I'm going to try it out and post a book and see what happens. I will post a chapter a day from start to finish of my reading of the Book of Isaiah. I probably will miss a day here and there and I don't plan on doing it on Sundays, but I'm going to see where it goes and see what happens. I hope and pray that it helps somehow somewhere, even if it is just to help me learn it again by going back over it for a second time.

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